Fall is best when enjoyed on the BEACH! Model - Kaylie B. Poplin

First off, I want to say that I hope YOU had a blessed, and love-filled Thanksgiving with family and friends! There is nothing like being able to visit and share your life with the ones that will always be there. The older I get (although I hate the way that sounds), the more I realize how much joy relationships bring into my life!  There was a time where I didn't cherish them as much as I do now... and I am glad to have a new understanding and appreciation for family/friends these days :) 

Well, since early this morning, I've been back in action flipping through recent shoots on my computer and had to share this very recent fall themed beach shoot from a couple weeks ago. 
I love, love, love the lighting, modeling, and pure bliss that shows through in this photo set!  

Kaylie B. Poplin is one of those people who can light up the world with her smile. In addition to her beauty, her friendship and TALENT is also a rare and wonderful thing. 

<3 I hope you enjoy this snippet of beauty and pure happiness <3


Linda + Jim = A Lifetime of Love!

Meeting Linda + Jim added so much excitement to my week! I was able to share some of our local hot-spots with them, as well as welcome them to the area. They've been vacationing here in Watercolor for 4 consecutive years and finally just bought a home! 

To see this couple eager to hug, eager to laugh, eager to make gorgeous memories together, was nothing short of inspiring. Their bliss after 30+ years together is rare! Congrats Linda + Jim on your new home and your new beautiful beach memories to come in 2014! 


The Oswalt Sisters in the serene landscape of Eden Gardens

Wow. With such a beautiful backdrop at Eden Gardens, these gorgeous sisters, Caroline and Emily, fit right in! Just a few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting Amy Oswalt and her daughter Caroline at the Destin Beachy Beach Grand Opening. Caroline was wearing her "Miss Destin" sash and I, of course, had to ask her what it was all about. Caroline was chosen as the 2013 "Miss Destin" among a group of girls for her high achievements in academics and community involvement. Way to go, girl! 

"I am thrilled to serve as Miss Destin 2013. I believe it is a great privilege to represent the community and serve as a role model to my younger sister, Emily, and the other children I get to meet." - Caroline Oswalt

Both Caroline and Emily are notably sweet (beautiful) and classy young woman and had a blast joking with one another and making crazy faces between takes during our shoot. Thanks to their mom, Amy, for coming to the rescue with lipgloss, bandaids, hairspray, and outfit options. What a team! 
- XO - Tasia

 *Saved the best for last!*


Photobooth fun at Destin's Art on the Harbor!

Hosting a photobooth at "Art on the Harbor", a local Destin Arts and Crafts Festival... 

How it all started... A few weeks ago, I got an email from the artist liaison at the Harborwalk in Destin with a really neat opportunity to host a photobooth during their next monthly "Art on the Harbor". As you can see here, I accepted Sarah's offer and the rest is history! The amount of smiles I've seen in the past 24 hours is well, incomprehensible! Thought I should give a shout out to some of the families and friends who made their way over to the booth and "got a little silly" for a great memory! Seeing so many familiar faces was warming and added an immense amount of beauty to the cloudy (but not rainy!!) day.

You wouldn't believe it... but the parents were actually the ones ready to get crazy, while the kids were usually unsure of what was happening and a little scared to be in front of the camera! I  guess most of us adults will jump at the chance to bring out our inner child. At least the adults here at Art on the Harbor!!! 
Also, a tip to anyone hosting a photobooth... Get giant hands! They will undoubtably be your most chosen prop, as you can see below! 
~ Enjoy ~ 


My sweet boyfriend let me "test" all the props on him. That's LOVE!