Let's shake on it! { SIMPLE } Banana Smoothie Recipe

^ this ^ mmmm, just mmmm! 
Bananas & milk have always been 2 of my favorite things. Just in case you were wondering... ;) 

Here's a quick recipe I'm oozing to share with you that just so happens to be 1) healthy, 2) delicious,  & 3) nutritious. Yeah, I pretty much consume this concoction two, maybe three, sometimes four times a week (Don't judge me!) HAHA :D

For one rad simple smoothie, follow these directions below: (but you should personalize it and change it at least 10% to make it more "YOU") 

- 1 banana 
- 1 scoop of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vanilla Raw Protein
- 6 leaves of spinach
- 1 cup coconut milk
- 3-5 pieces of ice
- 1 teaspoon honey
- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
- 1/2 teaspoon wheatgerm just because it's good for you
- additional fruit (i.e. strawberries, blueberries, etc) optional to taste

Drink & Enjoy <3 


Spontaneous friends >> & Welcoming them to the coast!

This family and I became friends because of a very unique happening... 

One gorgeous August Sunday evening on Henderson Beach, a young man was waiting with his mother to be baptized in the emerald blue ocean with a group from Destiny Worship Center. This was one of the greatest experiences & special moments to him and his mother. They were wishing and hoping a photographer was near to capture this moment of them together. Within seconds of their conversation, I walked passed them, said hello and began chatting with them about the baptism event. While we were chatting, they noticed the camera in my hand and were both overjoyed with laughter telling me how happy they were had crossed paths with them. They asked me to please take a photograph and send it to them in remembrance of this day and without a thought, I did. 

Within a week, Mrs. Camille (the mother) called me to request a family beach session for the kids at Todd's (the young man) beachside condo. 
So very thankful for these opportunities to bless others... In return, these little acts of kindness have a way of working their way back to you. 

Today, I'm grateful for new spontaneous friends, the opportunity to create memories for them, & get to know their families ESPECIALLY on their very first vacation to the beach. 


Bella Bridal | Pensacola Feature

Okay, okay, so this MIGHT just be the highlight of my week... 

Here's how it all started. Disclaimer: Prepare for a run on sentence. Run ons happen when I get VERY anxiously excitable or excitably anxious. 

A few weeks back, I received word from Darrin Land of Legacy Event Design that  Bella Magazine (Pensacola, Fl) would be interviewing him based on his expertise in wedding planning for their up and coming article in Bella Bride about how to create a glam wedding on a not so glamourous budget. (takes breath)

He contacted me to send over a photograph featuring his set up from the gorgeous Blalock wedding with Michelle and Shane. Remember this post back in July? Their wedding was nothing short of stunning. Legacy Event Design teamed up with Supposey Florals to create this amazing, colorful, whimsical dream reception. 

(magazine cover -- not my photo below)

The next day, Bella Magazine called requesting a little backstory about the photograph. This turned into a fantastic opportunity -- The writer, Alice Crann Good, wanted to find out if from a photographers perspective, I had any insight on how to make a wedding look even more glamorous through images. Absolutely... Those who know me KNOW, I'm never short on words ;) 
Check out the side article HERE with the 5 tips for brides *which by the way, came from the bottom of my photographer's heart...* and the original article HERE with LOTS of info from Darrin Land and Chloe Winchester with Supposey Florals. 
Thanks for the awesome opportunity to share some insight, imagery, and be a part of an incredibly talented team on the Gulf Coast! Already looking forward to the next big team up <3 
- XOXO - 
Fantasia McDaniel Little Miss Creative Studio