10 Reasons I love the beach & Lovely Little Luisa

Because it's fun to pair random things together, here are 10 reasons I love the beach alongside my new friend, Luisa, of the fantasticly fun and peppy blog, PeachestoPearls.com, rocking out these gorgeous summer beach inspired looks by one of my favorite local shops, Ophelia Swimwear.  Our flowing locks of love (hair) by: Rachel Christine, Dreamy colorful makeup by Morgan King of MorganKingMakeup.com, & shimmering handmade jewelry by HM Willow! Photography by me, www.LittleMissCreative.com

The beach is my love language for a few reasons...
#1 - It's a reminder to BREATHE. In fact, beach and breathe are practically made of the same letters, sort of...
#2 - It's a reminder to ENJOY. Anytime I'm at the beach is a chance to relax and enjoy whatever it is that's around me. Whether that's raging spring breakers, loitering beggar birds, or the occasional light breeze.
#3 - There are just gorgeous color combinations everywhere waiting to be admired. Go out there and see for yourself. One of the most amazing things about the ocean is the never-ending shades of blue. God does not run out of colors and since he created the ocean it's no wonder that we can stare at it each and every day and never get tired of the color blue.
#4 - It just smells fresh. The air feels pure and healthy and more breathable.
#5 - Beach photography. It's kind of a big deal.
#6 - Little tiny grains of sand and broken shells. No shells are exactly alike and no sand is exactly alike. It's all a bit of a surprise.
#7 - Adults can act like kids on the beach and it's perfectly normal.
#8 - Suntanning. Speaks for itself. 
#9 - Sunsets. That should be #1. 
#10 - A reason to get together.  
A gorgeous day at the beach is the best excuse to visit an old friend, new friend, or your handsome husband who's growing out his manbun and looks like a hunk in his new swimtrunks... Just saying :) 

Now, back to Luisa, the reason for this blog post and all of these wonderful images below!

Isn't she the cutest? You can almost fit her in your pocket but not quite. My nickname within a day of meeting her was "Little Luisa". Although she did admit the nickname wasn't necessarily new so we moved on to "Lovely Luisa" for creativity sake.
Lovely Luisa, you rock girl! Shout out to Morgan, Ophelias Swimwear, Rachel, & HM Willow for helping put together this beautiful Watercolor, FL classic beach inspired session!


Juli + Kevin | Heavenly Seaside Engagements

The phrase "a match made in heaven" perfectly describes Juli & Kevin! These two are equally yoked with contagious, vibrant energy, humor, and beauty. What a dream session we had in Seaside, FL prancing around from beach entrances to palm trees, to private romantic walkways... Within seconds of meeting Juli & Kevin, I picked up on their sarcastic humor and even their romantic side. Through all of the laughter & playfulness between these two, I'm amazed we have so many dreamy, romantic images! 

Excited for their August 6th Pensacola wedding in just a few short months! Feeling so blessed to have these 2 awesome new friends and help create their wedding journey legacy!
~ Fantasia