Pinch me, PLEASE. | Welcome to the new office space

Short & sweet. That was my journey in finding the right office space. For about 6 months, I peeked my head in a few different buildings, called a few different owners, jotted down a few different budget goals, and spent a few hours here and there on Zillow & Craigslist. Thankfully, the beauty unfolded when a client and friend of mine shared her new exciting space she created in the heart of Santa Rosa Beach, which just so happened to have one area left for a local business... Ummmmm, pinch me?! 
Here it is, just a tiny portion of the space! The other side is great too, with a sweet, custom "boyfriend-built" white wooden desk with industrial piping legs and a DIY vintage inspired teal and gold painted lamp. Keep an eye out for better photos on the blog coming soon! Why the wait? Well, let's be honest here... My printer is currently homeless & living on the floor. He needs to upgrade soon to a small table, which I have yet to find the perfect one. *Yes, it does have to be perfect.* 

Patterns, anything funky, light & chic is the vibe of the space over here... Check out the recently designed stationary! 

In case I don't say this enough, THANK YOU, to anyone and everyone who has wished me well in business & life, supported my work, taught me something, given me advice, shared their passion with me, trusted me to create something for them, welcomed me into their family, and given me a reason to CREATE something new every day. Lots of love!


Vanessa&Brittany | Block Party Fashion Shoot

Something different... 

Wow, where do I start with this session... First of all, I met Vanessa Jay (blonde) a few months ago at a bridal shower for one of my very best friends. The theme of the bridal shower was to dress "pinup" for the night. I'm being honest when I say, we all knocked it out of the park with our pinup styles... but one girl in particular, Vanessa, stood out to me with her confident nature and her exquisitely bold pinup style. She fit the look to a tee, hands down! Naturally, I begged Vanessa to model with me for fun sometime to showcase her zany style and beauty. Thankfully, she was all about it and introduced me to one of her best friends and style soul sisters, Brittany Wade who matched up perfectly with Vanessa with her beauty, confidence, and dark contrasting wavy locks. Our shoot was soley for the purpose of creating something beautiful with our talents and to share our creative outlets in a free spirited, open minded way. We just went with it and trusted our ideas all along the way. 

The location: For months, I've been driving by these teal apartments reminiscent of an old vintage motel in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. The colorful walls & old school 70's block party feel to the place has been calling my name. Vanessa&Brittany's looks were perfect for something old school and edgy to fit the scene. Side note: The girls fit so well together, I have now combined their names semi-permanently ;) 

Before checking out the images, I beg you view our "behind the scenes" footage shot by my darling friend, Ashley Ferrell, with some of the final images included to show start to finish! The footage will give you a very unique perspective to see just how the scene looked and what we turned it into. So very grateful for all of these ladies and our team effort & not to mention the finished product that everyone helped to create. Enjoy! 

And for the results... Well, they were smashingly gorgeous, as expected! 

Models: Vanessa Jay & Brittany Wade 
Styling: Vanessa Jay & Brittany Wade & some Fantasia here and there ;) 
Photographer: Fantasia McDaniel with
BTS Videographer/Photographer/Cooler Coordinator/Sweat Rag Maintenance: Ashley Ferrell