Things I tell myself every day... and a non "curated" candid photograph for once

Stand a little straighter.
Try your best.
Don't be afraid.
You're special.
Make someone smile.
You can take the next step.
Believe you can be the best version of yourself in any given moment... even if a person seems to doubt your motives or seems skeptical about who you are.
Those people who don't make you feel like you matter don't matter.
This is an impactful moment.
Open yourself up.
Be the friend you can't live life without.
Appreciate this person.
This interaction is special.
Find joy in this moment.
There is beauty around you.
Be grateful not because gratitude brings abundance but because gratitude brings peace of heart.
Take this chance -- It might open doors.
Trust your gut.
Don't be ashamed that you trusted your gut and that THAT was the #1 motive of your decisions for the day.
This person has a different story & history than I... Let me try to understand.
How can I make this person see the beauty that I see in them?!!!
What would make this moment stand out?
How can I add value?

And as promised in the subject of this blog post... A completely candid/non-curated photograph of me doing whatever it is I do taken by my husband... Oddly carrying a bag of clothes before a photoshoot beside my Kia Soul, which I've named "Marshmallow", because the truth is... life is not always glamorous and clean and beautiful.

To me, there is an immense amount of beauty in the creatively planned. The intentionally composed. The strategic content business planning... However, that's not how my life plays out on a daily basis & lately I've felt more called to REAL than just "pretty".

There's a big trend on the interwebular (new word???) to ONLY post these curated/thought out images. I get it because as a creative artist, the content & imagery you're posting is seen as your style & work. There's so much competition in the creative industry that you want to really put your best foot (or lens in my case) forward.

I fall into that you guys... But it's not telling MY story. MY story is a little more chaotic than that. It's running around, it's meeting new friends, it's learning about people, it's accepting that I'm not perfect, it's accepting that others aren't perfect. MY story is a story of hope and trusting life's ebb and flow. Hoping every day that I can be a better person & do something great in this life.

I want to know what you're hoping for... Email me your thoughts and let's start a conversation to grow each other!! hi @ little miss creative (dot) com  -------> Written this way for the "web-spam-bot-things" to not hack my email addy and send me weird Viagra messages on an hourly basis. Ya'll, don't act like this doesn't happen to you!

For the sake of reality,
! ~ Fantasia


Kamrey & Bruce | Happily Ever After | Mobile, AL Wedding

Cheers! The day finally arrived -- Bruce and Kamrey say "I do" in Mobile, AL at their family friend's hilly, tree scattered, sunlit farm. Meeting Bruce and Kamrey last fall left me with some insight on their personalities, styles, & story! A couple's story is always my favorite part of the wedding process and getting to spend time with them allows me to learn so much about who they are & why their heart beats. 

On our first hangout/engagement session, these two did NOT hold back their silliness, laughter, or romance! Bruce was so proud of the ring he chose for Kamrey and claimed that it was so big it was "dwarfing his face" when her hand was on his cheek! This is the same guy making sure his butt was sticking out in some of the photos because it is "so photogenic"... These two don't pass up a good laugh!!! 

Kamrey is one of those girls that is just naturally beautiful and is the perfect example of class and lightheartedness.  Just to let you in on a little secret she gave away during our engagement shoot... her perfect Taylor Swift curls come from her hair wand! Thank me, ladies!!! 

These two are as in line as any two peas in a pod could be. Their laughter is contagious and even mimics each other. When something is really, REALLY funny, both of them simultaneously burst out in laughing with either head back or head down because they cannot contain themselves. It's BEAUTIFUL and one of my favorite things to capture with these two. 

A little back story... During their first date, Kamrey had a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of dinner... It threw everything off but gave her a lot of laughs and kept her on her toes around him. On their 2nd date, Kamrey was cutting her meat so hard that it almost flew into her lap. Despite a few hiccups along the way, they both felt enough connection to keep the laughs rolling and spend more time together. 

Being a distant wedding, I found myself slightly over prepared & arriving with my 2nd shooter, Lauren Folk, 2 hours early... Is there such a thing as fashionably early? If not, we just made it! We enjoyed our time just walking the property, scouting some gorgeous backdrops, and overall just enjoying the view! 

Their day started out chock full of energy, hustle, beautiful light, blue skies, & a slight North breeze. Their family, friends, & Kamrey's matron of honor, Gavin, were like ants just covering the property in their footsteps and constantly making runs to ensure everything was in perfect place! As the guests slowly began arriving, Kamrey & her bridesmaids were like the glam squad ready to go! We had just enough time for a few separate portraits on the lawn of the groomsmen and bridesmaids before go-time! 

As Kamrey walked down the aisle, I saw a side of Bruce I did not know existed... He was completely crushed with happiness, disbelief that this was THE moment, and pure thankfulness that this was HIS bride forever. You can read it all over his face... This is one of my favorite grooms reactions of ALL TIME! I'm so thankful we were able to capture it just in time! 

As the sun slowly faded behind the tree covered hills, Kamrey & Bruce snuck a meal inside, then commenced to 100 hugs, a little dancing, and some very special toasts. 

I wouldn't mind reliving this day over and over, and I can only imagine how much Kamrey and Bruce will do so through photographs for the rest of their lives!!! 
~ Fantasia Lyons