A Season of Giving & meet your new MUA: Morgan King!

It's Christmas week! 

If this season of your life had a theme... What would it be? If this December had a "theme" for me, it would be gratitude mixed with giving! I share this not to brag about being "gracious or giving" but because I'm excited for a new chapter to unfold. 

In the past, I've confused being "giving" with "getting taken advantage of". Understandably so! Each week, people ask me for favors here and favors there and truthfully, if I said "Yes" to each and every one of those favors, I would grow completely dry of my own will, my own time, and my own sanity! 

For those of you who have been following Little Miss Creative, you may notice that I sprinkle in a few giveaways throughout the year, but they really are few and far between... Well, exciting news, I have a lot more giving up my sleeve for 2016. This doesn't mean a million contests and free shoots just for the heck of it, but it does mean intentional giving to make a difference in the world and add value to people! One of the greatest joys of life is giving and I'm stoked to kick-start a new year of blessing others. 

So, as you noticed, the title of this blog mentioned meeting your new makeup artist, Morgan King... The moment you've all been waiting for!

Imagine this: A classy, confident woman with an infectious laugh who is full of positivity, the spirit of the Lord, and a set of mad makeup skills. That's Morgan. (period)

Upon meeting Morgan briefly about a year and a half ago, I was instantly drawn to her energy, her smile, and her talent! It's been a true to joy to be able to watch her grow in her business as an artist and as new mother too! She's the type of woman who looks like she has it all together -- A loving family, confidence, talent, beauty... & more! 

But what makes Morgan so inspiring to me is no longer those things I've listed above. It's much deeper! It's how she sets an example in life to overcome challenges. Anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, can look like they have it all together from the outside, but most importantly, what's going on inside is the true test. Having the opportunity to work together side-by-side with Morgan on our recent photoshoot for Miss America LA (April Nelson) gave me a little more insight into what brings Morgan her pizzaz and zest (for lack of better words) for life! 

This post would be incomplete without a little word from the woman herself...

"I think I always knew I would end up in a creative field but I could have never anticipated how surprisingly fulfilling makeup and beauty could be. I would say the true joy I find in my career is allowing women to see themselves as they really are and connecting on a very deep level with my clients. We form a strong bond and I even find myself crying over their photos and special moments because they become so very important to me. 

However, the most surprising thing about it all has been how much these women have changed me for the better. It’s my job to find and highlight a client’s best features and it has really retrained my eyes and my heart to focus first on the good in others. When I meet someone my eyes are instantly drawn to their best features and honestly that is the exact opposite of what our world around us tells us we should see.  It’s been really refreshing and I have come to realize the more beauty I see in others the more I am able to see it in myself as well. It’s an overwhelming feeling when I can take that feature and make it the focus and then when the girl looks in the mirror she can see the very best things about herself. That is why no matter what path my career may take I will always have a special place in my heart for Bridal. The woman who feeds her family, works long hours, does the laundry and the dishes...I get to make that woman feel like a princess for a day. It is such an honor." 

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Morgan for your bridal or holiday party makeup needs! If I could vote "Woman to Watch in Santa Rosa Beach", it would be her! Amazing feats are in her horizon and I can't wait to help support her along the way!

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Merry Christmas to you and yours! 

XO - Little Miss Creative
Fantasia McDaniel 

H O L I D A Y G I V E A W A Y!!!

It's GIVEAWAY time!!! http://tinyurl.com/pt98qt7
In honor of #‎givingtuesday‬ and a season of giving ahead of us, we are teaming up with Hannah Craft Designs to find a special family for a completely FREE holiday photo shoot and Christmas card design/print to bless them with this season!
We are taking unlimited nominations for amazing families in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to celebrate their family through portraits and Christmas cards. So we are calling on YOU to step up! 
Think about a family who is on your heart this season... Send us a little note via http://tinyurl.com/pt98qt7 to tell us WHY you are nominating this family and a little about them! Nominations must be sent directly to us through the link to be accepted.
Thank you for participating and offering up your time to nominate someone for this gift! Winner will be announced and contacted on Dec. 8th! (*Please no nominations for yourself as we would love this to be a surprise gift*) To enter your nominations, simply visit: http://tinyurl.com/pt98qt7 and submit the details! Brought to you by: Hannah Craft Designs and Little Miss Creative


That moment when...

That moment when you accidentally leave that ridiculous photo your 2nd shooter (Brittney) took of you in your bride/groom's final wedding collection... Then she shares it on her Facebook page to tell everyone how awesome and talented you are! *** Hiding my face in shame yet appreciating the compliment all at the same time. #emotionalrollercoaster ;) 

We all have to laugh at ourselves in the end because that's what makes our mistakes more enjoyable to learn from. 

Here's to being professional, the best way I know how! This photograph is true to my personality. I don't like stiffness. I like freedom, laughter, fun, and the carefree moments. 

That's exactly what I want your wedding day to be remembered as.
~ Fantasia


Stacey and Jake | 30A Wedding | The Bowery 30A | Blue Mountain Beach Wedding

Meet Stacey and Jake -- two of my favorite humans on the planet! Watching their wedding day unfold behind my camera was the greatest privilege!

Stacey and Jake both have a care-free & kind spirit that is only matched in each other. Upon meeting them prior to the wedding, I instantly felt like we had been friends for a long time and on the wedding day, we were family! The entire group kept the laughs rolling throughout the day making for wonderful memories for Stacey and Jake. 

Their ceremony was held at Blue Mountain Beach​ and the reception took place at The Bowery On Thirty-A​. The day truly could not have been any more blessed! 

Special thanks to Beach Side Ceremonies & Events​ // Think Outside the Locks (aka: Hair by Jackie Maglio) // MUA: Morgan King Makeup​ // Florals: Our Greenhouse​ // Band: The Wide Open​ // Photobooth: Emerald Coast Photobooths​ // Cake: A Cupcakery By The Sea​ & many more!! 

My goal was to really bring back the emotion of the day through photography, not just all of the pretty things... but don't worry, I also made sure to capture all of the pretty things too ;) 
E N J O Y! 
With Gratitude,