Stephanie and Jeremy | Blue Mountain Beach Wedding | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photography | 30A Wedding Photography

You might hear me say the words incredible, perfect, beautiful, amazing, and sweet, very often. These words have their own meaning to me in photography. The word perfect, to me, means something is exactly how it should be. Perfect to me does not mean flawless. Perfect means real and exactly how it should be. I find Stephanie and Jeremy's love to be perfect! I find their vision of their wedding day perfect and the way it played out just right for them to be perfect! 

Stephanie and Jeremy are one of the most unique couple's I've ever gotten to know on their wedding day. The two didn't plan an elaborate full day wedding chocked full of agenda after agenda after agenda. Instead, their idea of a wedding was an intimate celebration, a time to be present in the moment, and complete focus on their love and this moment of commitment. During their emotional ceremony, both the officiant and I (the photographer) were in tears!!! Watching Stephanie and Jeremy look into each others eyes with unconditional love was something in a dream and could be felt by each one of us present. These two are so full of beauty both in their personalities and on the outside! I could not imagine a couple with more vibrant smiles and more positive & contagious vibes. 

The beginning of the day started with dark stormy clouds, wind slapping against the condominium glass windows, and angry seas. The bridesmaids and I were planning ahead for how to handle the inevitable rain that loomed ahead. Although we were sure there were rainclouds just waiting for their debut, we kept our peace and calmness for Stephanie and assured her that we were all good. The experience of the wedding day is more important than anything and keeping a positive outlook on all factors of the day is the most important thing I've learned in wedding photography! Stephanie did not have a backup rain plan for her beach wedding, but we were hoping for the best. That's exactly what we got! 

As Stephanie and her bridesmaids pampered themselves for the final moments before the ceremony, Stephanie took a moment to open her gift from Jeremy. The gift (a watch) may seem like a simple, practical gesture, but Stephanie knew so much better. As she read her card from Jeremy, she recognized that the symbol of the watch (time) meant that their time together was their focus. In a world where there are a million directions tugging on us each and every day, it seems so fitting to recognize our time together as the greatest gift in this life. Simple. Beautiful. Purposeful. Intentional. 

Stephanie & Jeremy's children danced, laughed, and scurried around in the room, setting the tone of excitement and energy for the big moment ahead. The ceremony took place just outside of the condo on the beach entrance below. As the woman walked down to the groom, groomsmen, and officiant, the energy grew into a special thrill! To witness this moment was an incredible blessing!!! 

As you can see in the photographs, they both said their "I do's", laughed, hugged, and walked along the shore for the final moments of the blue sky sunset. Stephanie and Jeremy's wedding day has changed my view on weddings forever! I hope to always recognize the little moments, the emotion, and the deep connections in people first and foremost on a wedding day! 

Cheers to Stephanie and Jeremy and congrats on your special day -- May it live on in all of our hearts for a lifetime!!! 
Your photographer,