Rhonda + Emma | Eden Gardens | 30a Photographer

Shout out to two of my dearest friends, Emma & Rhonda! These ladies are a powerhouse team! Equally sweet, smart, and independent boss-ladies. Seriously -- If you haven't seen me post about Emma's K9 and Kitty Kitchen; "Organic treats for cool cats and sly dogs", then you've been missing out! These two are up at 5 every Saturday morning gearing up for a day of selling after baking for hours the day before.

They are quite the dynamic duo and love spending time together! Emma is one of the students in the youth ministry -- The Bridge 30A -- that my husband Jon leads and I volunteer with. So we have gotten to know these ladies well and are grateful they're a part of our community. Keep shining, girls!

Oh + Happiest of Birthdays, Emma!


Shea & Mitchell | Ono Island Wedding | Orange Beach Wedding Photographer

Fact: Most weddings make me teary-eyed and super giddy with squeels on the inside. 

But this wedding, my friends, was on another level of excitement! 

Shea & Mitchell are the real deal! Not only do I absolutely adore their love for one another, but I also adore them individually and am SO forever glad that they chose me (Little Miss Creative) to document their one and only wedding day on Ono Island in Orange Beach overlooking the most dreamy sunset and palm trees. 

After meeting them for the first time one morning at Starbucks on Harborwalk and literally FEELING their love resonating in their laughter, storytelling, and kindness, I had an all around peace that I had to work with them! True, they are every bit as adorable on the outside as they are on the inside. Shea's infectiously genuine smile & Mitchell's peaceful and lighthearted demeanor are the perfect pairing. I fell in love with their love! Sounds weird, but it's totally normal for us wedding photographers ;) 

Shea loves nature + art and is a classic beauty. Mitchell is into philosophy and loves to study. The two spend time enjoying life + going on adventures! <3 

Photography isn't always about just snapping photos because someone paid us to do so. There's so much more depth and heart that goes into creating imagery that is hard to put into words. I've always loved the idea of creating photographs based on what a moment "feels like" rather than what it looks like. Shea and Mitchell had so much "feels" for each other that it was extremely fun to tell their story and be a part of their wedding journey. 

Photography can often get personal when you express what you feel through a photograph. It becomes much more of a connection for the artist & the viewer rather than the ole' snap what ya see and call it a day. 

So, one thing I love about Shea & Mitchell's day is that they are extremely loving, expressive, honest, and genuinely excited to see everyone! Tears, laughter, weird faces, you name it. It's here! Being able to capture that on camera in the moment was truly an inspiration! 

Cheers to your forever love, Shea & Mitchell! 
~ Fantasia 

Vendor Shout Outs: 
Catering for Reception: Nancy’s Haute Affairs
Reception setup & coordinating: Southern Salt Weddings
DJ Band: Scott Lee