A Whimsical Beach Romance | Jonathan and Morgan

While photographing pretty much anything I have (on an average day) about 10,000 goals... Ideas of angles, lighting, poses, moods, context clues, you name it, it's probably going through my head. There are a million ways to create a photograph. But, no matter how much I can envision an idea or goal to create a set of photographs for someone, there always seems to be another agenda added by the universe. What does that mean? 

It means something beyond my creative ideas and staging ALWAYS happens during a photography session. It could be an exciting laugh by the model, a random gust of wind, or a moment where someone sat in a perfectly unposed gorgeous position before I gave them any direction. I allow those random acts of unknown to help steer our photo session naturally. 

Here is a beautiful "well thought out" session below for Jonathan + Morgan that turned out to be so much different than I had previously envisioned with the help of my wonderfully stylish new friend Brittany adding posing and helping stage our set. Their excitement and love is contagious through these photographs with real laughter & their deep, intimate moments feel so quiet and alone, even on a beach covered in tourists during summer vacation in Destin. 

Beautiful couple, beautiful love -- So glad to know these two and I wish them best on their new journey and life together as a married couple! 



Lost Pensacola - Nostalgic Beauty

These photos were taken a few months ago on a random scouting trip to Pensacola. What stands out to me is not always the gorgeous parks or prestigious buildings of downtown. I am more naturally drawn to mystery, to stories, to history, to a simple nostalgic vintage moment. These buildings might not offer much glamour or sense of perfection, but they are raw and proud to stand the test of time. They bring me back to a time that I feel so connected to, yet have never experienced in this lifetime. An average kind of beauty that unexpected and neglected, but still beautiful. Looking forward to the day when I can bring someone back in time to these moments and create a new story that is forever connected to this past. 

- x o -




Here... Goes... Nothing!

One of the hardest parts about having a creative business is simply staying true to yourself. All day every day, most of us in a creative industry are working for someone else. The bottom line is, we're working to please other people. 

Thankfully, pleasing other people has always made me happy! I love it. Bringing joy to someone else's day makes me feel like a great all around person and gives me a huge motivation in life. Here comes the big BUT(T)... BUT, no matter how much we want to please other people, we have to please ourselves and follow our own visions in order to stay motivated in the creative process. 

Over the course of the last year, so many wonderful blessings have taken my life into a crazy whirlwind of creativity. Leaving my full time *Super Awesome (might I add) job to pursue my own business in the creative industry will always be one of my most gut wrenching yet soul fulfilling moments of life.  Betcha never heard that one before* If you're into the whole gut wrenching soul fulfilling type of thing, I say GO FOR IT! 

Mind reading, one of my secret skills I don't typically share with the world... "Where is this blog post going?" I just sensed that you were thinking that... To answer your question, simply put, this blog post is a REVEAL of following my current creative flow. 

My creative vision is seeking to appeal to a more selective type of audience. I've found out that I work best and am able to best please people who enjoy modern, vintage inspired, artistic photography and design. To start out the business one year ago, I chose the name TasiaMade because it was my name mixed with the fact that I liked to "make" or create things. It seemed fitting at the time. 

What I've come to realize over time, is the name association with the business is something I don't particularly prefer. For one, a lot of people were struggling with pronouncing my name, Fantasia, or the Tasia in TasiaMade. 

The kind of business I envision is simple, relatable, modern, edgy. Long story short, I needed something to reflect that. So, this is where "Little Miss Creative Studio" comes into play.  is the launch of exactly that vision.  Little Miss Creative Studio is the tone that draws me in more. The name is meant to appeal more to women in the creative field. Why? Because my natural style is feminine, both in photography and in design. It's OKAY that I don't appeal to everyone. As weird as it sounds, I don't want to appeal to everyone. We are not all meant to be cookie cutter photographers/designers. We have to find what speaks to us. 

Finding the right niche for me as an artist is something I am still understanding and acknowledging more over time. That niche develops in different time frames for each person. Creativity comes and goes. It has bad days and it has great days. I don't always understand it. One thing I know for certain, is that I will never leave mine and will forever dedicate myself to following it, no matter how far it goes. 
- Tasia

P.S. This website launch is finally freeing up some time to blog again and share even more images on Social Media #itsabouttime