Vintage Rose - Session 1 with Kaylie Poplin!

Phew, with a 5 day forecast of nothing but gray skies, we did our best to pray away the rain and make the best of the time between scattered showers. Finally on Wednesday Kaylie Poplin (model+photographer) and I prevailed. We set barefoot onto the bay in Destin for few soft and sweet 'vintage rose' color inspired photos... the land where anything lacy, light boho, pink & floral are a GO.

Very happy with the 50 mm 1/8 shots and incredibly photogenic model. Kaylie is a lighthearted, easygoing, & naturally 'dainty' woman - She fit the theme to a tee. Sharing my favorite portraits below! Have an amazing weekend. & keep an eye out early next week for Joy and Josh's Eden Gardens vintage rose inspired engagements! Trust me... You don't want to miss the 'floating away' scene...

- xo - Tasia


Rosey Posey

So this week is going to be an exciting mesh between photoshoots, events, and projects. I'm so thankful for the very cool people that have been put into my life recently and look forward to growing some new relationships from it all.

An inspirational theme I've been eying for some time now has been the "vintage rose" tone in photos. Usually the brightest whites are replaced by a neutral rose, and it's BEEEEAUTEEFULLL. I've also seen a neon fuchsia tone that is to die for, but I'm saving that for an edgier model shoot in the future. With the engagement session scheduled tomorrow evening for Joy and Josh, we're keeping a soft romantic, nature filled theme. (insert oohs and ahhs*)

Sharing a few inspirational photos that I found -- Piecing together these different ideas can really create something special for these two unique newly-engaged lovebirds! Unique is an understatement. They are full of passion for God and full of love for eachother. It's all love and light in this rosey-posey theme we're going for! Can't wait to post up some of our favorite shots later this week!
 - XO - Tasia


It's JUST begun!

First post! Woo-hoo! 

Hey lovely ladies and gentleman,
Let me start by introducing my 5 ft tall self to those of you who have no idea who I am (which is almost everyone on the internet :) My name is Fantasia McDaniel. I'm a general lover of all things art with a technical background in graphic design and photography. In my early high school years, I used to scour the local goodwills and thrift stores after the bell let out (never skipping school, of course... that would be absurd) to look for colorful fabrics and funky jewelry. It's always been an adventure for me to bring something old a new life. During that same time I began writing articles for our school yearbook at Tate High and really falling in love with writing as a creative outlet. Never in my life had I considered myself an artist, other than a reoccurring drawing I used to tag my notebooks with of a dogs head which I thought was the greatest sketch I had ever done and continued to draw that same shape with pride on everything... Nonetheless, my artistic friends would host painting sessions and I joined in for kicks... I would always hear, "You can't mess up art..." from them when I would paint, then repaint, then repaint, the same canvas. That still holds true today as a daily motivation for my designs.

College rolls around (oooh, the big leagues!) and from the looks of it, a career in graphic design seems rewarding and thrilling in the same boat... SOLD!  I can remember my first day of computer graphics, with the professor walking down the hallway before I entered the class and saying... "You must be Fantasia..." The rest is history. Just sitting in the design and photography classes gave me little girl butterflies with excitement of what skills I would be able to learn each day and what projects I would be given to run with. Before I knew it, I was thrown a diploma and sent on my way.  Literally, that's how it felt... ;)

With a persistent (and very talented musician) friend, Dannica Lowery, urging me to move out to Santa Rosa Beach, home of the world renowned, beautiful, and art filled area, "30A", I was set with a refreshing new home. At that time I also had the amazing opportunity to join the team of a brand new budding vintage inspired wholesale clothing brand Judith March at their home office as their sole graphic designer. It all has been a dream of a journey with Judith March and the blessings have been immeasurable along the way. From August 2010 to June 2013, the company has grown to carry well over 2,000 retailers! Designers Stephanie Carter and Megan Crane have built an amazing clothing brand with more fans than any of us could have ever imagined. Our awesome staff is full of leaders and talented team members, each with so much to offer.

This month I've made the leap to leave Judith March and transition into a full time freelance career! It has and will not be easy... but it's all part of following my dream! Each and every one of the girls at Judith will be missed. Being able to watch a company grow from the ground up is truly the greatest motivation to starting my own brand in art and photography. This leap of faith will give me the opportunity to work with new companies on the emerald coast, join craft fairs with my handmade designs, and spend more time with friends and family - what matters most!

Here goes nothing! *throws hat in the air* I want to invite you to follow the next few chapters of my life and see what unfolds next. I would go ahead and just tell you but I have no idea myself. I do know that through it all, this verse will stand, and I will stand for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Photo by Stephanie Wieneke - My Love, Jon, and me (Fantasia)