Tressa & Phillip | Destin Bay House Wedding

Say hello to Tressa and Phillip - The most romantic, fun-(&dog) loving couple out there! As I arrived on the wedding day, I witnessed Tressa coordinating her entire wedding set up and I'm not going to lie, I was SO impressed with her attention to detail and creative ideas! She zipped through her reception area to make sure everything was in line, set out arrangements, and helped keep everyone in the loop on the agenda, all BEFORE hair and makeup. Wow! 

Upon meeting up with the guys, Phillip (the groom) was in full chill mode having a beer with his groomsmen and soaking in the moment. Quit the opposite of his busy bride... but each of them seemed to know exactly what they wanted on the wedding day. For the record, I'm pretty sure he had just finished working and setting up! 

The ceremony was held at Destin Bay House the perfect venue for that Florida meets the Bahamas feel with an incredibly gorgeous lawn overlooking the crystal clear blue bay. Our awesome DJ to keep the party going ~ Anthony Rine of Emerald Coast Entertainment Services. Makeup by ~ Tara Russo of Powder & Paint 

Congrats Tressa, Phillip, and most importantly their dog Hank who for the record TOTALLY tried stealing the show! 
~ Fantasia 


Samantha and Keith | Crowne Plaza and NAS Mustin Beach Club Wedding

Let me encourage you to enjoy this wedding recap from start to finish if you're browsing the blog today! Meet Samantha and Keith on the most incredible wedding day with the wedding party getting ready at the Crowne Plaza and the ceremony at the NAS Mustin Beach Club in Pensacola, FL. 
Collectively, their day was full of happy tears, excitement, and stunning moments of natural beauty, honest emotions, and true love! 

Boy, am I EVER thankful to have had the opportunity to meet this family! Samantha and Keith are surrounded by the most supportive, fun-loving, genuine team of people you have ever met! They deserved nothing less than a perfect wedding to kick off their lives together, and that's exactly what they got. 

We started off the morning very low key in hair and makeup mode at the Pensacola Crowne Plaza & captured the bride's sweet little details that surrounded us. Shortly after, we ended up with the boys conveniently hanging out in the historic bar area for a drink and some bromance time before the big moment. As we laughed, joked, and pinned boutonnieres, Keith found himself in full listening mode while taking a piece of marriage advice from a kind lady watching us at the bar. He took it like a champ! 

As the excitement grew, I caught wind of Samantha's newfound energy and glow of happiness and she slipped into her dream-dress with the help of her 6 beautiful bridesmaids. 

This was it! We gathered up the girls, and off we went to the NAS Mustin Beach Club! 

You could literally FEEL Samantha's energy as she walked down the aisle to her knight in shining armor. Keith could hardly contain himself during the moment he first saw his bride coming to meet him at the alter. It still brings chills down my spine to have seen this moment and recall it for you today. Notice the black and white image where he covered his face in awe of Samantha -- THAT, my friends, is a love story! 

We all know how this one ends -- They both said "I do", kissed, and danced the night away... Shout out to our DJ Sterling Barnes with AnyDayDJ for A) His incredible dance moves and B) Killer tracklist!!! 
The night ended with a bang AKA perfectly beautiful sparkler exit... but let's not forget that each ending is a new beginning! 

To Samantha & Keith -- My beautiful new friends! 
- Fantasia McDaniel