Beach day with the O'Dell's and family!

 Hey guys, in case somehow you missed this... It's NEW YEAR'S EVE! I hope that you have some extravagant plans with loved ones this evening, or better yet any kind of plans with loved ones this evening :) Seeing those special people on holidays makes all the difference... No matter where you go or what you do. 

In honor of the new year, tomorrow's post will be all about memories in lists! 10 major things I learned in 2013 and 10 accomplishments that happened in 2013. Let's be honest, I didn't quite meet all of my resolutions from last year, but there was still a ton of greatness in the year and that's what important, right?

Since the holidays are all about loved one's, today's post is a recent shoot I did with a huge family of a friend on the beach! I am excited about the memories we captured. Cloudy days can cast such a soft blue haze over everything and can be very dreamy. 

Enjoy meeting this amazing, colorful, and fun family through photos! This is a prime example of why I love COLOR on the beach. 
- Happy New Year - 


Featured: MacKenzie's newborn photoshoot. This angel came just in time for Christmas!

After an exciting and FULL 3 days of Christmas celebrating with the Lyons, Simons, and McDaniels, all the way from Baker to Pensacola... today is  such has been a refreshing day of clarity and relaxation. 
The family and friendships Jon and I have are truly the focus of our joy! Both of us can recall times in our lives that we didn't appreciate relationships and are SO grateful now to have a new perspective on priorities in the last few years! 

Now after the hustle of traveling, gifting, packing, and making awesome memories... I'm playing a little catch up today on cardio, housework, and not to mention a VERY special blog post... 

This 10 day old angel, MacKenzie came into the world just in time for Christmas for her parents, Tabatha and Wayne! What a humbling honor to make these priceless images for the Phillips family to remember the very beginning of MacKenzie's wonderful life! 

We kept our shoot simple and classic with a few holiday inspired props and an elegant mini headband. I just love this first image and the serenity in MacKenzie's face! 

Merry Christmas from TasiaMade to the Phillips family of 2+1! I have a feeling this will be one of the best memories for years to come. 
- XO - 


Merry Christmas Jamie and Trevor!

I am not sure what there was more of here... photographing or just plain goofing off! 
Photographing my younger sister and her boyfriend at Scenic Hills Golf Club in Pensacola turned out to be a hoot! We strolled through a few woodsy hills and leaf covered walkways to find the perfect light and soft backdrops for a few fun photos of them together. They were both great at just trying anything and going with the flow to get some fun photos! Of the 100+ shots of the day, here are a few of my favorites that bring to light their personalities. 

Thanks Jamie and Trevor for being the cutest, and most adorable young couple! Merry Christmas!


H E L L O gorgeous! Meet Ashley with Impressions Letterpress Studio!

Hey girl, hey! Okay, let's be professional here... But wow, this girl is doing BIG things! Ashley Wiggins, a high school friend of mine has taken a few huge leaps of faith in the last few months! First of all, just a few short months ago, she married the man of her dreams, Chayce Wiggins, who is equally as sarcastic and fun-loving as she is! Obvi a match made in heaven! The two then moved out to Milton to start their life together. *sigh* 

Little did she know, there were many other changes and passions brewing in her horizon. Ashley would soon leave her job with Megan K Events where she worked creating graphics and helping with planning & decor... purchase an ridiculously ENORMOUS iron letterpress machine, and then teach herself how to use it by hundreds (heck, maybe even thousands at this point...) of trial and errors. 

Her new business, Impressions Letterpress Studio, came to fruition in the blink of an eye and now offers custom stationary, business cards, envelopes, invitations, and more to local boutiques and businesses with the vintage style 3D letterpress impression, all while juggling and hoola hooping at the same time... or so it seems anyways! ;) Ashley has so much creativity flowing in her studio, you get an instant feeling of excitement and inspiration. 

Photographing Ashley was so easy and so much fun! After photographing some of her in home studio setup, we did a little scouting to find a great soft lit field, and then took advantage of some antique style downtown Milton scenes. 

Grab a few cookies and milk, get in your favorite pajamas, set up your laptop, and take look around on Impressions Letterpress Studio.com to find out if she's all she's cracked up to be! 

For more info, email info@impressionsletterpressboutique


Sometimes photographing your friends is good because they loosen up quickly...Other times... Well, other times they get a little TOO loose. 

Addition: Here are a few of her projects snagged from Facebook to share with you all! UH-MAY-ZING!

*Disclaimer* Although Ashley has had many trial and errors with her projects, she wanted me to note that NO trees are being harmed in the process. She uses 100% cotton paper. This may help some of you sleep better tonight. ^_^ 
- XO -