First "Mommy -n- Me" photoshoot | Katie and Ava in Pensacola, FL

With such a gorgeous backdrop all over downtown Pensacola, it was hard for Katie and I to immediately nail down our "spot" for the shoot. Our options were PLENTY! Parks, urban buildings, seaoats, beach, stairwells, walkways, docks, gazebos...  The list goes on and on! 

We finally decided on "going green" and finding the lushest and softest grassy knoll for miles. Aaaaaaand I'm so glad we did! The golden sunlight and lush greenery were enough to create a dreamy scene for these awesome girls that they could play and laugh in for days! Sweet little Ava is full of personality and happiness and not to mention friendliness -- She literally WAVED at every single car that passed us on the highway. That's a pretty dedicated little girl :) 

Thanks Katie and Ava for making my afternoon and giving me SO much laughter and excitement during our shoot. I can't wait to see your family again! 
- XO - 

The importance of a good ol' fashioned headshot

When you hear the term "headshot" do you immediately imagine the chin-to-fist corny smiling pose that had its 15 minutes of fame in the 80's? A LOT has changed over the years and a headshot has become a reflection of personality rather than simply a reference of what a person looks like. 

Here are 5 reasons you should consider having a few different headshots on hand, whether you're representing a business or just yourself. 

#1 - A great headshot that truly shows your personality reminds you how you feel when you present your BEST. It's motivation... every. single. day! 

#2 - It's a way to represent your business by saying... Hi, I am a person. I'm not JUST a business -- Look, here's my face, proof that a real human being is backing up this company. I care enough to show you who I am and what I stand for! 

#3 - It reminds people to do business with you or to stay connected. Sure, this sounds odd... Why would a great headshot be connected with people reaching out to you? Well, take into consideration, when a strong image is presented whether in marketing or social media, people REMEMBER that and in turn REMEMBER you. 

#4 - Great headshots show your professionalism. Photographs created with a point-and-shoot quick camera aren't always terrible, but when they are... They're REALLY terrible. People are looking at your online presence and whether they realize it or not are making assumptions based off your portrait. Portraits of you tend to reflect you. If they're unkempt, blurry, or just not tactful, people will associate you that way as well. 

#5 - Lastly, but not leastly, (if that's even a word) its a way for you to have a quick confidence boost to know YOU are important -- I know that to be 100% true. YOU were created to be on this earth and live in this moment. That is a reason to celebrate your life. Create a memory of you that celebrates YOU, because you're worth it. 

Below are a few different style headshots from last week, of Realtor, Jon Lyons of LiveDestinFl.com just taking advantage of this warm spring glow in Destin, Florida. * There are an endless amount of poses, backgrounds, and lighting to show the different sides of YOU. * Email Tasia@Tasiamade.com with pricing inquiries or to book your session today :) 

- XO -


Katherine and Justin's St. Anne's Wedding | Pensacola, Florida

Hey everyone! Since photographing the Ford wedding at St. Anne's in Pensacola, FL, I have been bubbling with excitement and am finally sharing the images! The crews of the Steck and the Ford families were all but shy and ready for a good time as soon as I arrived at the church. That's ALWAYS a good sign and truly sets the tone of the day. *thankful*

Katherine and Justin were very much alike in their happy, fun-loving demeanors, and they were both cool, calm, collected and most of all confident throughout the day. 

If you're considering a wedding at St. Anne's in Pensacola, I say go for it! The church has a beautiful antique feel to it and there are lots of options for lush green backgrounds. 

Enjoy this recap of our day! Thank you again, Katherine/Justin/family, for your fun energy and just being a joy to be around -- This wedding will go down in the books as one of my favorites! 
- XO -