One of my all time favorite things to do is to EXPLORE. There's a reason those words are capitalized. It's because EXPLORING can feel like a grand dramatic adventure! Like we just set sail into the morning sun. There are no limits in sight!

Opening ourselves up to everyday whim and beauty is a vulnerable thing. It takes time to explore, and most of us feel every day as if our lives are in such a rush already. Who in their right mind has time to EXPLORE when a thousand things need to get done?!

We're constantly being bombarded by notifications, todos, & requests from everyone around us. In the last season of my life, I have been learning what it means to EXPLORE. Mind, body, heart, health, soul, balance, & relationships.

It is in these rare peaceful moments of exploration that I find balance. I prefer to spend ample amounts of time both in reflection & in envisioning a better future. This is my happy place!

Although that doesn't always align with the fast paced society we live in, it's teaching me what it means to be present and to recognize beauty in every moment/person!

Here are some quietly beautiful moments I enjoyed while perusing the views of a dreamy Watersound Beach home. The art books on the table eagerly begged for my attention and eventually won me over as I let go and swooned over their eyecatching colors/patterns. *Take a minute to enjoy EXPLORING some of the tiny specs of beauty surrounding & awaiting you today.