Calidonna Family | Watersound Beach | 30a Beach Photographer

Meet the Calidonna family! This crew was an absolute blast! Our session was scheduled just days after Christmas while their whole family happened to be in town for the holidays. The shoot was a gift from Megan to her mom for Christmas. We even designed a gift card for her that Megan could frame and give to her mom as a gift -- How thoughtful! 

Coordinating with the best weather was a little tough because each day we had available seemed to be an entire days worth of rain on the forecast. We did what we could do and played it by ear. Thankfully, our shoot worked out perfectly where we had a small window of time in the evening to capture these portraits just after a day full of rain. Through the fog, cloudy skies, and humidity, we all made the absolute best of our day -- This family has such a special bond that being together was enough for them to bring out the laughs. 

Special thanks to the whole crew for your fun-loving spirits and excitement for our session! 

~ Fantasia 


Rosemary Beach with Lauren & Josh | Couple | Rosemary | 30a Wedding Photographer | 30a Weddings

Finally posting up a few highlights from one of my favorite sessions in 2014! Lauren called me & knew exactly what she had envisioned for her and Josh -- These two adorable newlyweds were looking for something fun & different. Lauren wanted to do something with a little city life and a little action so we chose Rosemary beach for the nostalgic colors and empty gravel roads. Can't thank these two enough for working with me and having fun wandering the streets of Rosemary to explore! Congrats you two <3 www.littlemisscreativestudio.com


Tamara & Clark | 331 South Wedding | 30a Wedding Photographer

Introducing for the first time on the blog the wedding story of Tamara & Clark Lunt! 

Tamara and I met a few years ago and became roommates quickly and friends even quicker. From the very beginning of knowing Tamara, I could see a special connection between her and Clark. Their sense of humor, their confidence, their goals, & even their friends just seemed to mesh so well together. It was obvious to me and our group of friends that these two would be married in no time! Well "no time" wasn't quite as quickly as we had guessed, but it happened! After the proposal, Tamara contacted me about wedding photography and I was instantly jumping for joy. To have the opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful, sweet hearted, and fun-loving women I know's biggest day of her life...  was a dream come true! The entire day was truly a huge honor to be there to witness the day unfolding, laugh with them, cry with them, and create beautiful memories for them! 

This amazing wedding happened just over a month ago at the beautiful 331 South venue in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with the talented Samantha Jackson Weddings as our coordinator & Jonathan Doria as hairstylist. Our day started out with hustle and bustle while the girls finished up their hair & makeup. There were lots of laughs and such an excitement in the room that I instantly felt upon arriving & it lasted through the end of the night! Thank you once again, Tamara/Clark & all who made this special day a reality!