An inspiring friend, artist, and lover of the Lord... Meet Kelsey!

Where to start?! Even before meeting Kelsey Kelly, I had actually heard of her from 2, maybe even 3 people... If that's not an incentive to finally MEET someone, I don't know what is :) But the truth is, sometimes when I hear of talented people, I tend to be intimidated and afraid I don't have much to offer them, because well, they're talented and probably too awesome for me... ?! That is the crazy thought that goes through my mind every now and then.  

But lately, I've been learning a valuable lesson. We all have something to offer each other, whether in a creative field or just meeting people at random. Once meeting someone new and breaking that barrier of "first date" or new friendship status, the fear of the unknown fades pretty quick. Now, both of us just laugh at the fact that we wanted to meet for so long but never did. 

Among other talented ventures, Kelsey owns an Etsy shop called RustCollective where she sells her graphic art. She's a full time designer at our church keeping all marketing & web design on point with the media team. Her general creativity in fashion, art, design, & life totally draws me in. Sorry guys, she's happily married to an equally talented and genuine man! ;) 

Keep your eyes peeled for some projects we'll be teaming up with for Little Miss Creative Studio. For now, here's a quick glimpse of her art! 

Kelsey so kindly gave me the opportunity to photograph her using some rustic buildings near our hometown. Check her out here, finding inspiration, doing a little design, and just having a great time modeling for me... Hey Kelsey, maybe this is a new talent to add to your list... Just a thought! 

Interview time! 

What is your oldest memory in loving art? In elementary school art class. My teacher Mrs. Hillman introduced me to the wonderful world of art. I used to stay after school with her and help her clean and grade art pieces. That relationship forever influenced my love of all things artistic.

What got you started in design or art? I have loved art my whole life and always leaned on the creative side even when I was really young. When I decided to go to college, I knew I wanted to go for something in the creative realm, so I chose graphic design. I chose that route because I worked at a music venue and seeing all of the album covers, t-shirt designs, and posters really inspired me. It was a way to do art in a more modern way.

Do you have any favorite design blogs/sites currently you're swooning over? Just a few websites/blogs I get inspired from are Oh PioneerPromise TangemanTreasures and TravelsJane ReactionJeremy Cowart, and of course, Pinterest!
What is your favorite part about the design process? When I feel content with what I’ve accomplished. As a creator and perfectionist, everything can always be improved…so when I feel I’ve expressed what I needed to express to the fullest, that is very satisfying.

Who is one of your personal heros in art? One of the most gratifying realities is knowing that The Creator above all creators made me creative. The most overwhelming inspiration is my heavenly father, and to get to experience just a glimpse of His work can leave me speechless.

XO - Fantasia & Kelsey


How I stay CREATIVE; 5 ways to boost creativity that are often forgotten

#1 - Always be learning something new:
Learning something, anything new -- whether it's a recipe, painting technique, sport, or even some type of education. Being in a constant state of learning teaches your brain to accept new information and also helps you expand your world to what is out there. 

#2 - Always be meeting someone new:
Joining different social networks (not to be confused with social media) exposes you to different personalities, different ways of thinking & different lifestyles. Being in a constant state of meeting new people isn't about "getting ahead" or just "networking" it's about learning from others & connecting, so that in the long run, we are able to understand and help others in life & in business. 

#3 - Learn to be free spirited:
One definition of "free-spirited" is being independent and not constrained by convention. One definition of "conventional" is based on or in accordance with what is generally being done or believed. So basically, what we have here is that to be free spirited you must not look for answers to questions based on what the general consensus is. Learning to be free spirited, to me, is vital to being creative. Think for yourself. Learn from your own mistakes. Never put yourself in the box that others put you in. Do not be predictable. 

#4 - Give yourself time & space:
For me, time & space is taking a long shower & meditating on positive thoughts. For me, time & space is deep breathing when I know I'm in over my head. For me, time & space is exploring alone for the sake of the adventure. For me, time & space is being active & intentional in my thoughts. 

#5 - Think backwards:
Nope, that was not a typo :) Thinking backwards from your end goal to where you are now allows you to see the steps so much more clearly. If they say "hindsight is 20/20" then why dont' we start from where we want to be & just look back at the steps it will take to get there. That's one way I find creativity. Keeping the end goal in the forefront of my mind, rather than the problem in front of me. 

What are your favorite ways to stay creative? Comment below or email to share your insight! 

Hope you enjoyed! XO - Fantasia