Rosey Posey

So this week is going to be an exciting mesh between photoshoots, events, and projects. I'm so thankful for the very cool people that have been put into my life recently and look forward to growing some new relationships from it all.

An inspirational theme I've been eying for some time now has been the "vintage rose" tone in photos. Usually the brightest whites are replaced by a neutral rose, and it's BEEEEAUTEEFULLL. I've also seen a neon fuchsia tone that is to die for, but I'm saving that for an edgier model shoot in the future. With the engagement session scheduled tomorrow evening for Joy and Josh, we're keeping a soft romantic, nature filled theme. (insert oohs and ahhs*)

Sharing a few inspirational photos that I found -- Piecing together these different ideas can really create something special for these two unique newly-engaged lovebirds! Unique is an understatement. They are full of passion for God and full of love for eachother. It's all love and light in this rosey-posey theme we're going for! Can't wait to post up some of our favorite shots later this week!
 - XO - Tasia

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