What Happens Whensdays | Edition 04 - Clients becoming friends

W H Y H E L L O. 
Here we are again... air mattress and all! <------- This is in reference to blogging on an air mattress for a few weeks in a row ;) My fiance and I are renovating a home and boy are we learning some new things!

We won't get into that quite yet -- Saving it for another post... Right now, we're going to think about clients becoming friends and how to navigate through professionalism and fun!

What happens when your clients become your friends? Will they see you differently if you let down your hair? Do you even have hair? How close is too close? 

Oh, the drama! Whatever shall we do? We shall... 

#1. Ponder the benefits of letting down our hair or showing off our bald head to be exactly who we are genuinely.
#2. Consider building lifelong friendships with people who were drawn to and respect our work.
#3. Understand that maybe, just maybe that person is in our life for a reason.
#4. Admit that there will be important boundaries to set in place early on to ensure keeping our relationship healthy.
#5. Remember that we have to nurture both our business and personal relationships.
#6. Decide how our business or personal relationships can compliment or harm each other. Make precautions.
#7. Be grateful. If you have this problem, you're doing something right! (this should be #1!!!!)
#8. Eat chocolate. because that just makes everything better!

Well folks, this cozy air mattress is calling my name! Until next Wednesday, Siyanara! (<---- Can anyone teach me how to spell that?)

- X O -

{Photo below // Week 1 progress of our new home. Floors ripped out and said air mattress is set up complete with a sunlit and star-filled view} Will share more home progress soon!

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