A Sunkissed Family Beach Playday | Seaside Family Photographer | Seaside Family Portraits

Say H E L L O to the Buddoo family & co! This bunch stole my heart instantly with their playful spirits, genuine smiles, family jokes, & all around love for each other! Not to mention, they were awesome enough to end our session jumping in the shore and letting loose! 

As the summer kicks off and families flood our coastal beaches, I am instantly reminded just how blessed I am to be surrounded by beauty in every corner! What a joy to highlight through photographs the beautiful, the interesting, the romance, and the thought provoking! All of which are an equal thrill!

This is one for the books, folks! 

Friends, If you're considering a family photoshoot this summer, email me today at, and we will talk about customizing a photoshoot that brings out you and your family's personality in an authentic way! With Little Miss Creative, you never have to worry if you will look your best. You never have to worry if your family will give those "real" smiles. You never have to worry if everything will be just right. You never have to worry if your photos will look "cheesy". 

You just tell me all about YOUR FAMILY... Then let the creativity & playfulness flow as we create real-life moments and capture real life joy! 
-- Fantasia Lyons

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