Shout out to Little Miss Intern, Madi!

Today on the blog, I bring you the many fun expressions of my dear friend + Little Miss Creative's new "Little Miss Intern", Madi! One of my favorite things about finding Madi has been the crazy amount of commonalities she and I share. We both love writing, learning, people, candid + fun photography, families, the Bible, graphic design, coffee, & laughing at ourselves! 

Madi has recently graduated college at Northwest Florida FSU campus studying photography and design and found LMC through Instagram! Just a few months ago, I posted a little note mentioning some of the exciting adventures up ahead for 2017 and shared a little about the desire for an intern to both learn from LMC & help us grow along the way. 

Madi was one of the first to respond to the post via email! After emailing back and forth with her and a few others, I knew there was something different about her excitement for photography + learning. On top of her initial excitement, I saw a wonderful talent embedded in her blossoming art that I could envision coming alongside with our brand! She recently graduated with her photography degree at Northwest Florida State University and loves working with weddings & families. Her creative angles, ability to bring out real emotions in people, and gorgeous lighting/backdrop choices gave me confidence in her ability to grow as an artist and continue in her photography journey! 

Our first coffee date to discuss each of our separate visions was love at first intern. As the summer heats up and photo sessions start kicking off in big ways, she's going to be a big blessing to the team! 

Now, what you've all been waiting for... So, Madi... Why don't you tell us some very important information about yourself? 

If you were an animal, what would you be? -- "A fox because they're so adventurous."

What is your favorite hobby outside of photography?  -- "Farmhouse sign making. Painting a wooden sign with a favorite quote, staining the frame and putting it all together. I just love projects."

What is something you would love to do in the future? -- "One thing I would love to do in the future is go hiking through the Appalachian trail or go backpacking somewhere epic."

What is your favorite thing about each photo session? -- "My favorite thing about a photo session is getting to capture an image almost as if freezing that moment in time.. maybe that image gets printed and treasured for a lifetime and then gets passed on and from that image your great great great grandchildren will know what you looked like. That's powerful to me!"

Cheers to new photography adventures for this little fox, Madi with Little Miss Creative! 

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