N E W • Y E A R S • D A Y | 2014

To honor the new year and really make the most of this transition, it would ONLY be fair to sum up 2013 in retrospect. Looking back on last year will create a refreshing perspective and push you to challenge yourself even more. I highly encourage you to write down your successes of the year and be proud and supportive of yourself. Never rely on anyone else to do that. Your strength must come from within. One of the best feelings we can experience is the realization (although cliche*) that everything works itself out in the end. To me, that doesn't mean sit back and enjoy the ride. It means take the reigns, work hard, have FAITH, and God will position you where you need to be.

Here is my mini version list of: 

10 things TasiaMade has accomplished in 2013

#1 - First and foremost... Making the big decision to become a business. This includes tax forms, LLC paperwork, P.O. boxes, invoices, and LOTS of faith (and savings ;)
#2 - Having the honor to give services to local charities such as Food for Thought and Holy Kids Camps
#3 - Joining 2 craft fairs with De France Flea Market and Antiques and selling handmade goods to locals
#4 - Designing and publishing the very first website design for the business
#5 - Photographing 8 weddings and gaining so much experience
#6 - Since beginning the business in June, TasiaMade has had 88 different photoshoots and 37 different design projects. Wow! 
#7 - Learning a lot of new skills in photography. Just a year ago, I was still shooting auto on my Canon EOS 7D because I wasn't fully confident on how to use manual and control each setting. I knew I loved photography, but it also scared me every time I used to pick up a camera. 
#8 - Coming up with a logo design to represent TasiaMade, that of course, had a heart in it -- because that's what makes me want to create for people. It is my heart to serve! 
#9 - Moving into a new apartment and setting up a home studio overlooking the coastal sunset. Such a joy to see God's creation in full bloom every day! 
#10 - Most importantly, being able to connect with wonderful people and having an outlet to serve the community through this new business with design and photography. Each and every person I've been able to work and help has been a great encouragement and I thank you all for being a part of my year! 

Now that all the mushy stuff is out of the way, stay tuned for a warm and cozy homemade recipe that will make cold winters a little more festive! Introducing one of my homemade treats, White Chocolate Muffins. It was actually a ton of fun making 25 of these mason jars *with the help of an assistant* and giving these out to our friends and family for Christmas. 

1 cup of wheat pancake mix
4 hefty tablespoons of white chocolate chips
3 tablespoons of organic coconut sugar 
1/3 cup of honey granola
2 tablespoons of crushed pecans
2/3 cup of almond milk
2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Directions are as follows!

We also found these precious "Just for you" stamps, and handstamped our giftbags for a cute and simple decor. 

Wishing you ALL a happy, healthy, resolution filled New Year! 
- XO - TasiaMade

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