10 Tips to Prepare for Your Lifestyle Family Beach Portraits

Hello friends! It's that time of year again. Everyone is rounding up their crews to get the ultimate family beach portraits while the water is crystal clear, the sea oats are billowing, and the sunsets are warm and breezy! ✌ #summertime -- In fact, I might head out that way now that the beach is on my mind. Photographers need suntans too! Don't worry, I'll finish this blog post first... 

The weather doesn't get much better on 30A here in Florida, so let's make the most of our portraits together while we have the chance! But there's a dilemma... How do we battle 700 tourists on the beach, the wind blowing our hair in zany directions, the kids getting crabby (see what I did there), and coordinating outfits that look more interesting than a white teeshirt and khakis. Hello 1980!

You can do this! I'm here for you.

Let's get down to business.

You want to look and feel like the bombshell you are for lifestyle beach portraits by Little Miss Creative, right? Here are 10 super easy (so easy a caveman could do it) tips to help you prepare for photos so awesome they could be the cover of a magazine OR hang proudly over your fireplace mantle. Hey, why not go all out here? If we're going to do this it's going to be worth your time and investment. So...

  • Tip #1: Hydrate. Didn't expect that, did ya? Drink water before your session. It can be hot out there on the beaches, friends. Drink water the day before and the day of your session. It's the easiest thing to forget day to day but makes a world of a difference in how you feel. How you feel effects how you look. Feel good, look good. As Nike would say, "Just do it". 

  • Tip #2: Become bestie's with your sunscreen. What does that even mean? It means while you're chilling in the sun on your vaca (for those of you out-of-towners) lather it up! Already got a best friend? Well, make room for one more. Your old one will understand, and if they don't, well maybe they weren't a true friend after all. 

  • Tip #3: Tan thyself. Ladies, want a tan without the burn? Because you are being awesome and wearing that sunscreen (you go girl) consider a self-tanner! We've tried the best of em' (makes you feel like a total babe) and worst of them (I didn't know orange was the new tan?! 😅). Click Here for one of our favorites! 

  • Tip #4: Think of Marilyn Monroe. How is thinking of Marilyn Monroe going to help you prepare for beach portraits? Remember that famous Marilyn photo with her dress billowing every which way? Yes, we like to avoid the billowing of the dresses. How do you do that? Wearing tighter fitting less billowy dresses. Billowy maxi dresses = Yes! Billowy short dresses can get a little revealing and scandalous fast. Warning... The beach is super windy and some days it's super DUPER windy, so consider that while picking out the perf outfit for your portraits. Also, think of that while prep-hairing your hair, which brings me to the next tip...

  • Tip #5: Hair ties are your secret weapon. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, (or sunscreen in our case) BUT during windy beach sessions, hair ties and bobby pins are also a girl's best friend.  I have photographed many a portrait with beautiful billowing hair, but sometimes with family beach portraits, the ideal group photo has faces that are easily seen. So, bring along a little back up hair tie and bobby pin in case wind hits the fan. 

  • Tip #6: Beach toys for girls and boys. Bringing along your classic beach toys that just so happen to match the kiddo's outfits can add for some fun entertainment. Building a sandcastle or carrying along a favorite seashell or shovel can help keep your little one's attention and make them feel important and adventurous during portraits! 

  • Tip #7: Prep the goods the night before. To save yourself from the last minute "Babe, where are my clothes?!" "Babe, where are the beach toys??" or even "Babe, where is grandma?!", come up with a game plan that works for everyone! Set out outfits out the night before. Pack any toys. Grab your extra lip gloss or hair accessories needed. Double check times for shooting and consider arriving early especially with large groups. This ensures a fun & relaxing session experience. Yep, you heard that right! You get to relax. I'll do the rest! How awesome is that?  🙌🏽

  • Tip #8: The ol' late nap trick.  LMC beach portraits take place during the evening because sunset is pretty epic! However; Late evenings don't always work well with the (let's call it) "unique" temperament of toddlers. To counter that, consider leveraging an afternoon nap! 

  • Tip #9: Wait to get wet. Disclaimer: I LOVE photos in the water, annnnnnnd might prompt you to stand near the shoreline or even get IN the water if we're feeling wild and free, but if we do it's usually towards the end of the session. Keep a close eye on the little ones because they love to run straight for the water and dive in. 

  • Tip #10: Consider a state park. It seems convenient to just walk down to the beach from your vacation home or public beach entrance, but trust me when I suggest a state park for our shoot. Here's why! The cleanliness of the beach and the beautiful endless dune backdrops available make for unbeatable views! It's so nice to have less tourists in the beach views and more nature to enjoy throughout the session! 

  • Bonus Tip #11: Coordinate but don't match! The 1980's days of all white and khaki are a thing of the past. Sorry, mom! We can get more creative than that! Follow my Pinterest board with some of my favorite portraits to help you get an idea of what looks great during a Little Miss Creative session: << LINK >> or shoot me an email at for specific suggestions based on your vision for a custom beach photoshoot! I'd love to help you plan something that's just right for you and yours. 

  • Bonus Tip #12: As Bob Marley said, "Don't worry, be happy"! This is about you and your loved one(s) and capturing those joyful moments that you will cherish forever. It will come together beautifully and we're going to ROCK IT!

Well lovely ladies and gents, I cannot wait to vibe with you and your tribe! ✨  Now you're ready for some epic beach portraits and I'm off to the beach myself! Drop me a line here today to get your family booked before the calendar is full! 

All the love, 

Fantasia + Lizzy

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