Field Mini Session with the Lyons!

This past weekend was jam packed with photography fun *in the country*! In addition to shooting a beautiful barn wedding decorated with stringed lights in Fairhope, AL... I also had the privilege of running out to a field and taking a few quick family photos of the Lyons (Max, Rachel, Bentley, and Simon) - a family dear to my heart! 

Boy, was it a fun challenge! The littlest of the clan, Bentley, begged and pleaded to ride his motorcycle and wanted nothing to do with sitting or standing still for photos. But we prevailed ;)

Time was flying by and we were running out of light. Even with tears in his face, Bentley looked adorable in the shots and we managed to get a handful of keepers just as the sun went down behind the trees. 
Mommas make it all better...

We finally let Bentley run free in the field with his cousin Grayson and got a quick intimate moment for Max and Rachel. 
Little Grayson was as handsome as ever! He has the sweetest eyes you'll never say "no" to! 

I love the way this last impromptu photos came out. Although the sun was out of view, (which = a high ISO setting and a little more grain than I would care for) these photos captured the boys' true personalities and happiness as they were finally free and ready to get dirty! 


Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Amazing job!

Tasia said...

It's because they are of such a beautiful and loving family :) Thank you <3 <3