Silhouettes and Fireworks Shooting

I love living so close to the Destin Harbor that I can sit on the beach and watch the fireworks every Thursday night. 'Sharing a few experimental shots from last night. <3

There are truly some amazing views across from the Harbor in Destin. Just the way the light shines so richly across the ocean, highlighting anything that stands in it's path is so neat to me. Notice the gorgeous heron in the first photo! He was slowly making his way away from me but I manage to grab at least one clear shot in ISO 3200 before a few passerbys strolled in between us.
This seemed like such an epic moment -- We had to have a little fun with it!
Shooting in a high ISO is something that I've learned in the past NOT to do if at all possible... But I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality was still great in many of the shots. Lesson of the night. A tripod is a MUST! Slowing down my shutter speed to a few seconds could have pulled in a lot more light. Next Thursday, it IS!
  - XO -

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