Location, Location, Location! (Did I mention location?)

On getting acquainted with important locations:
In preparation for 2 lovely weddings in the first week of September (Phew!) I scheduled a meet and greet with the chapel to get a feel for the type of interior lighting to expect for the big days. This particular building, the Old Christ Church in downtown, Pensacola, has been standing since 1832 and is the oldest standing church in the state of Florida. Incredible.

The well kept gorgeous green lawn will be perfect for candids and formals!
 The interior is decadent and has close walls for bouncing light and an enormous window directly in front of where the bride and groom will stand. Love!
A few of the details to remember...
 These old lightposts all around downtown Pensacola are classic for photos. 
 Getting shots of all angles of the church. The window lights are the most dramatic. 
 Then while I was there, I took a little walk to just see what else was in the area and what might appeal to us as a great backdrop during the formals before the reception. There are so many neat details that jumped out at me on my walk. I made it a challenge to find something ordinary and photograph it in a dramatic way. 
 These mini gardens go all down the sidewalk... 
 Having fun with my favorite quote and a photo of two palm trees behind cute hanging lights...
 A reminder to R E L A X found on the doorway of the back of the 'Breath Yoga' studio :) 
 The historic buildings lining the streets reflect culture and mystery. 
 A very wet, but beautiful end to the day.

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