Spot Removal - One small step for editing kind.

As much as we would like to believe it, the truth is, the beaches here on the Emerald Coast are not always pristine white. I know, I know, it's a lot to take in. If you need to sit down, please do! 

Every now in a blue moon, there's a little dirt, a random stick from a far away tree, and a broken sand dollar with a lollipop stuck to it waiting to wreak havoc on our photo session. Thankfully, we have the spot removal tool to clear up any distractions.

I don't always use the spot removal tool, but when I do, it looks something like this.

(*correction: I DO always use the spot removal tool. I just thought that was a good way to end the post! Enjoy the vid!) 


From file life rehaul to file life rehab.

The past few weeks I've been getting down and dirty with file maintenance. Ohhhh, yeah, some crazy intense life, right? But really, it kind of is.

Since I can remember, I've been collecting imagery that inspires me, creating new imagery, collecting music that inspires me, collecting video that inspires me, and the list goes on. Over time, this is forming a huge mountain or volcano of file maintenance that is way overdue to erupt. Not quite sure how I haven't gone mad just dealing with it all up until this point. Much like filling up your pantry with random caboodlez of this and quadruplets of that, you begin to get to a place where you can't find the diddlyscratcher... for lack of better words. 

Know what I mean? Stay with me here. In the past few years, I've gradually gotten more serious about studying photography and taking huge risks like A) Actually getting paid to photograph things/people. and B) Actually realizing there was a maaaaajor learning curve to get from where I was to where I am now to where I want to be in 3 years. During photo sessions I take a LOT of photos. Way, way, too many at times. Why? Because I want to get it perfect and sometimes the confidence to just take one photo of one thing isn't quite there yet, so instead I take 20! 

These (previously jpg before I new better just a year and a half ago) now RAW files are 5+ mb a piece annnnnnnnd are a major black hole in my computer's hard drive. So, now, I'm beginning to finally archive my photography and design into yearly hard drives that make sense. Does better late than never apply in this scenario? No more black hole attacks on my harddrive. Hopefully the thing can actually run like the boss it should be. 

It's taken a few weeks to get the ball rolling on transfering 100's of folders into very detailed and organized 2/4 tb harddrives. What's even more exhilarating is the idea of finally deleting the old "outtake" photos which for some reason I've been ignoring this whole time as if they didn't exist. 

What's worse? It's such a huge part of my life that I'm blogging about it. 

Peace & file maintenance be with you, 


TOP 5 Reasons you should expect photography for free

Yes, you read the headline of this blog post correctly. As promised, here are the TOP 5 Reasons you should expect photography for FREE! 

# 1 - You should expect photography for free because all photographers do is hold up a camera and click. That doesn't sound like a skill, now does it? Anyone with an Iphone can do the same exact thing. Solution: Get someone with an Iphone to do your photo session. Problem = SOLVED.

# 2 - You should expect photography for free because you're the one helping the photographer out by modeling for his/her portfolio. I mean, you are so influential in town, that the photographer could never succeed without namedropping you. Solution: Get a photographer who actually appreciates his or her portfolio work to do your session. Maybe even consider the original guy with the Iphone. Problem = SOLVED.

#3 - You should expect photography for free because it's digital. You're not getting prints so what are you actually even paying for?  It's just as quick to send someone a text message as it is to send them 100 8 megabite .jpg files. I mean it must take 5 minutes max from the camera to the client anyways. Solution: Get your cousin's friend's Uncle Bob to do your photo session because he's actually a nice guy and will do it for free. Thank goodness there are still people out there in the world who have an ounce of kindness left. Problem = SOLVED.

#4 - You should expect photography for free because you're friend does it.  If your friend is REALLY your friend they will take a cut for a day and not get paid what they are worth because your dog's birthday photo session is more important than their rent, food, or entertainment for the week. Friends always show their true colors when it comes to priorities. Solution: Ditch that friend and find a new photographer friend on Craigslist. Problem = SOLVED.

#5 - You should expect photography for free because you're just "hanging out" and it's convienient for that photographer to photograph during that time.  We all know photographers LOVE to photograph, so when they're going to be at an event, getting them to do what they love should be free. They're going to have just as much fun walking around taking photos of everything in site & being your personal paparazzi at beck and call as they would actually relaxing and enjoying the company of others with no agendas. Solution: Don't even bother inviting them if they're not bringing their camera. Besides, they're pretty dull otherwise. Problem = SOLVED.

Disclaimer: This post may have been slightly sarcastic... But it's important, no it's VERY important that we as photographers stand up for ourselves and stop feeling neglected, under appreciated, unworthy, and unimportant when it comes to our work. 

It's also VERY important that we learn to say "no" sometimes. Charity work is great. Do it sometimes. Trade work is great. Do that sometimes. Photographing your family is great. By all means, do that sometimes. BUT, getting paid is great too AND it allows you to invest in your business to learn and grow your skills! I'm still learning to balance these things out each week, but I've learned to say "No" sometimes and for that I'm proud :) 

715 Sailfish Dr | HDR Photography

This gorgeous artistic getaway stole my heart!  

There were so many unique ways to showcase this home. Here are just a few! 
*Located in east Ft. Walton Beach, FL on the intercoastal waterway* For information on the listing by Livin' Right Real Estate contact Matt McGee at Livin Right Real Estate


The Stantons and Family Beach Portraits | Destin, FL

During sunset just a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with the Stantons and family. They had the most gorgeous combinations of beach colors from the coral to the blue to the yellow. They stood out so well on the beach -- Can't thank them enough for working with me to create these memories. Had a BLAST! 
- Enjoy - 


Michelle and Shane | A chic, modern, old Southern Wedding

Meeting Michelle and Shane in the fall just two years ago at a mutual friend's get together... I had NO idea that one day I would have the privilege of photographing their wedding!!! The night I met Michelle, I remember complimenting her style and that they were an adorable couple. Since that day, I have grown to really admire their relationship, class, and positive personalities! Getting to know them through our engagement session, and through the wedding day was a true joy. I now feel like I have made two very cool friends through it all!

June 7th, 2014: 
Starting our day out in the LEE HOUSE IN DOWNTOWN, PENSACOLA already had my mind spinning with ideas for Michelle and Shane's wedding day. As much as I had seen the Lee House in photographs and by passing by, I hadn't imagined so much beauty could be in one place! From the outside rustic vine infused gates to the calming modern pallet of the interior design, I felt like a kid in a candy store wanting to photograph every little detail!

This feeling continued throughout the entire day. The tiniest of details amazed me in Michelle's wardrobe and in the wedding decor & our sunlight was like a dream! Michelle + Shane had a special joy anytime they had a moment together. Watching their day unfold through my camera was one of the greatest privelages and such a rush of excitement! 
Florals: that happen to look like a dream come true* were designed by SUPPOSEY in Pensacola, FL. They remind me of a magic moment genie in a bottle feeling* 
Chapel: OLD CHRIST CHURCH in Pensacola, FL

Here are a few photos that help tell their wedding story. As you can see, I had trouble narrowing it down ;)