Bohemian Beach Babe! Sierra Continued!

Back with the final shots from Thursday's mini beach shoot!  Since Sierra's last shoot got half rained out, we made up for it by doing a few more shots to get the final outfit she wanted. Sierra can be sweet and innocent in pink floral and curls, then all of the sudden, it's business in her black and white dress with a pop of red lipstick! This outfit was probably my favorite because it reflected her style and personality so well!
I'm in love with how our shoot turned out and honored to have such a fun loving mom & daughter pair to work with!

Oh... & P.S. 'Did some fun color edits on a whim. Love to add a little drama to help create the perfect 'moment'.
- xo - Tasia


Sierra's senior session!

We all know Sierra is incredibly beautiful, BUT she's also a very sweethearted, humble girl. I can't wait to see her modeling career unfold in the next few years! On top of it all she's very focused on school 1st and for now just enjoys visiting the Atlanta market for modeling gigs and doing a few other modeling gigs on the side! We joked that if college/modeling doesn't work out she could always be a "beauty school drop out" from all the makeup techniques she's learned over the years ;) Hope you enjoy the shots from our Alys Beach senior portraits :)

P.S. You wouldn't know from the photos... but the last moments of our shoot turned into a huge storm with gusts of wind blowing trash from a local construction site straight towards us along with "bullets" of sand which seemed to pierce our skin! ** Photography can be so unpredictable and is always an adventure!** We're shooting her last outfit this evening on the beach to make up for the lost time --- can't wait :) 

XO - Tasia


The Padgett Family Vacation!

To say this family was a joy is an understatement! It was a pleasure to meet such a unique family with so much personality! Doing beach portraits is truly a joy, ESPECIALLY, after all this rain we've been drowning in here on the coast. Who wouldn't love hanging out & getting to know vacationers while enjoying the perfect sunset and warm breeze? Reason #648 why I am SO thankful to do what I do! Meet the Padgett family from Amarillo, TX! They kept it real with their Texas spirit in one of the shots with their longhorn pose! Enjoy :)  

Walking along the beach!
Single shots with beautiful natural light!

A little romance. Kids, close you're eyes! ;)

Save the Date Designs for Jonathan and Juli Spears!

Wow, so cool to see these Save the Date designs in the mail finally! Congrats to this beautiful couple on their up and coming wedding -- Can't wait to be there! Wedding invitation designs also coming soon to a mail box near you! <3 this part of my job & especially love the verse on the bottom "Love is patient... Love is kind... Love never fails..." Happy Sunday! Be BLESSED! - XO - Tasia


July 4th - Caleb and Amy's Wedding!

To start out a few teaser's of the July 4th Caleb and Amy wedding... here are some of my favorite 'bridal prep' moments along with a few special scenes from the day! Weddings are a whole 'nother ball game (or ball *field, as my sister mistakenly calls it) when it comes to photography. The entire day is hustle and bustle and the details are ever SO important. With a million unique scenes and moments, it's easy to get caught up in one to make sure you get the best shot.
I am very happy with the shot of the brides dress (third down), and no, this wasn't the first shot taken. It was probably the 8th! At first we put the dress on a simple window outside of the ladies room where the girls were getting ready. It did the dress no justice. Within moments of shooting the dress on the simple window pain, I instantly took this fantastic dress and looked for a breathtaking scene that would line up with the beauty of this gown! The wall of windows where the ceremony was about to take place was glorious. There you have it -- I was happy with the shot and ready to move on. As a learning experience, NEVER settle for less, and go with your gut on the best shots of the day. You wont be sorry!

 (Below Photo - Wow, these dudes really knew how to make me laugh! They were full of jokes and just looking to have a good ole' time while waiting for the wedding to start. Entering in to the men's locker room was quite different than the ladies, being that most of what was going on was watching some game on T.V., having a few beers, and laughs. While the ladies were jumping over each other to find the last bobby pin or play musical chairs in the makeup/hair artist's chair to get dolled up. This shot is a merged photo of a few different shots. It's not easy to get the best shot of everyone at the same time! (I've learned that in the past with a few of my co-worker's group shots.) Needless to say, this was a FUN idea that popped into my head when I saw the poker tables! The guy's seemed to enjoy it and didn't mind cleaning up :) Good sports!
 (Below Photo - Including this shot, mainly because my spirited boyfriend showed up at the reception in THESE patriotic, and fitting, American flag shorts he just purchased from the hilarious brand, The bride insisted on getting a shot with him, and who could blame her?!
This next shot was incredibly challenging to get. Researching firework photography, making use of the tripod, and testing, testing, testing, did the trick! Oh and not to mention taking at least 50 shots before getting the perfect firework in focus.
More shots will be added to this post next week after the bride has seen her full album & approves ;)
- XO - Tasia


Joy + Josh = LOVE

Hey everyone,
I'm back with a new set of photos from Thursday's Eden Garden engagement session with Joy + Josh! These two are one of the funnest couples I've ever met and are full of lighthearted laugher and love. It's no wonder you can feel their excitement in so many of the shots.

To continue the theme of 'creams and vintage rose', the two dressed the part, and we had a little 'playtime' with balloons and bubblegum! Side note* Next time you need gum strictly for blowing bubbles, be sure to get double bubble! It has the best strength. We all should have learned this as kids, but just a reminder! I picked up 'extra' and it didn't seem quite as strong. Live & learn!

We barely pulled this session off in between spotty storms and sprinklers -- So thankful for the little window of sun right at sunset. It made ALL the difference <3 Enjoy! Comments / Questions are always welcome. 
- Tasia